Wind Mitigation Reports

Phase I buildings. Below you can find Wind Mitigation Reports for the newest roofs that were done in 2021.

Most individuals who own a unit in one of the eight buildings that had a new roof installed earlier this year may qualify for a discount on their home owners insurance policy.

You will need to check with your personal insurance agent directly. Just give them the web site address of this page,  and they can down load the report that pertains to your unit.

Phase II buildings unfortunately do not have group wind mitigation reports on their buildings. They are original roofs. Roofs on 101st Lane and the 2 buildings at the east end of Bayou Grande Ave did not get a wind mitigation inspection by the developer at the time the roofs were installed. However, some individual unit owners from those buildings have had wind mitigation inspections done on their own to get credits. You may want to contact your personal insurance agent and find out if you can get an inspection done and if it would lower your premiums. Costs for inspections are around a $100 or so.

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